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Participants: 3015 South Australian respondents over the age of 15 years (71.7% participation).

Results: In 2004, CAMs were used by 52.2% of the population.

The Nine Network revived The Block after a six-year absence, with a third season commenced airing on 22 September 2010, The original format of the series featured four couples with a prior relationship renovating a derelict apartment block in the Sydney suburb of Bondi, with each couple renovating a separate apartment over a period of 12 weeks and with a budget of A,000.

The apartments were then sold at auction, with each couple keeping any profit made above a set reserve price and the couple with the highest profit winning a A0,000 prize.

I don’t think I can keep it anymore,” Coe told Daily Mail Australia.

Coe worked hard to buy and maintain the 18-foot boat, which he’s now too grossed-out to use, he told the paper.

The series follows four or five couples as they compete against each other to renovate and style houses/apartments and sell them at auction for the highest price.

The series first ran for two consecutive seasons in 20, and was originally hosted by Jamie Durie.

Among CAM users, 49.7% used conventional medicines on the same day and 57.2% did not report the use of CAMs to their doctor.

About half of the respondents assumed that CAMs were independently tested by a government agency; of these, 74.8% believed they were tested for quality and safety, 21.8% for what they claimed, and 17.9% for efficacy.

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In those with children, 29.9% administered CAMs to them and 17.5% of the children had visited CAM therapists.

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