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If you need to get these audio files into the Windows Media Player library, you need to consolidate the i Tunes media in a single folder and then configure Windows Media Player to scan this folder and import all the tracks into its library. Click "File," select "Library" and click "Organize Library." Select the "Consolidate files" check box and click "OK" to copy all media files in the i Tunes Library to the i Tunes Media folder.

Your entire i Tunes Library is now consolidated in the folder that's listed in the "i Tunes Media folder location" box. Click the "Add" button to open a file browser, click once inside the address bar at the top to select the default path and press "Ctrl-V" to replace it with the path to the i Tunes Media folder.

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We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. I’ve seen questions and answers regarding how to join tracks with respect to CD downloads, however, I have not seen any responses regarding how to join tracks from i Tunes purchases.

If I play songs by artist or by album, great, however if I have shuffle turned on, which is most of the time, those particular songs are always out of sequence. Unfortunately, i Tunes by itself only provides the ability to join tracks during import from CD; once a track is in your library, your only option is to either reimport it from CD or look to third-party tools.

Note that if you’re using an i Pod classic or an older i Pod nano (prior to the 6th generation), you can actually set these devices to shuffle by album, which will ensure that your tracks are played in the proper sequence from each album before moving on to the next album.

You can either drag them in your library from the operating system, or use the import files dialogue in i Tunes itself, which is in the file menu When using Serato DJ, third-party programs such as i Tunes are not the best and most reliable way to organize your Library.

If you've got a series of recordings or ripped tracks from a CD-based audiobook that you want to splice together into an audiobook (similar to the M4B format), i Tunes provides the means to do it.

While the My Music section makes browsing a large personal collection of music easier with familiar organization, it doesn't automatically pull in and sync your i Tunes music library. Thankfully, it If your music is stored in i Cloud, make sure to download it onto your computer.

In there, choose the Audiobooks submenu at the left.

Tip: If you don't see that menu, choose Music You should also see that the audiobook has multiple chapters that are the individual tracks which were combined earlier.

For more detailed information on encoding audio files, check out this article on encoding.

Once the import is complete, the tracks on the CD should now be files on your computer, usable both in i Tunes and Serato Software (given you have the Read i Tunes Library option checked in Serato software) If you already have audio files on your system, importing them into i Tunes is easy.

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