Dating a homeless girl

Posted by / 30-Jan-2018 07:59

Dating a homeless girl

I have a very demanding job that supports both of us, and I need my privacy.I am enraged this woman is here all day with my husband.I only give money to people selling Real Change and homeless shelters.To keep her anonymity, I’ll refer to her as Emerald.

Besides getting the "complication" of homelessness out of the way, that would also offer more time to get a better reading on whether this individual actually WAS as wonderful and well adjusted as he appeared to be When I left my marriage I was left by the court without a place to live.

aren't you afraid you’re going to get stabbed / robbed / raped / [insert your nightmare here]?

” (That was the reaction of some of the few people I told)Yea I was afraid of this too.

Everyone goes through hard times, no reason to abandon someone because of their hardships. Although I'm more than aware that perfectly fine and mentally healthy people can find themselves homeless, I'd probably not want to start up a relationship with the person at the time.

Regardless of what's someone's problem/obstacle/challenge is, I generally think it's best of hold off on starting a new relationship before getting the biggest "complications to life" out of the way first.

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