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Dating someone different from you

With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

Zeigen Sie den anderen besser Ihr wahres Selbst, anstatt sich auf Ihr Aussehen oder darauf, wie Sie gerade klingen zu konzentrieren, wie das im wirklichen Leben der Fall wäre.

The couple tend to speak English together which for Zach means simplifying.

Janka meanwhile struggles with the limitations of her second language.“In Hungarian you can take any noun and make it a verb – she could say she was ‘Zaching’, meaning spending time with me – and she gets frustrated she can’t do that in English,” says Zach.

But when you’re dating cross-culturally, discussions about super-niche verbs are by no means confined to the office.

“We love teaching each other idioms and colloquialisms in our native language.

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Sie können jede Menge Leute kennenlernen, ohne viel Geld für Getränke und Dates auszugeben.