Validating registry security key quicktime

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Validating registry security key quicktime

CDC is willing to help NPCR programs as they address data security issues.

Support is provided exclusively by telephone and e-mail. The following language applies to all contractor and subcontractor-owned laptop computers and mobile devices containing registry data at rest and in motion.

NPCR programs are subject to policies and procedures for data security established by leading organizations in the central cancer registry and health care fields.

These standards are outlined in the bulleted list below and referenced in the November 2008 NPCR funding opportunity announcement (FOA)— NPCR has not proposed or instituted any new data security requirements, but because of the increased national emphasis on data security, NPCR has developed data security guidance information and amended the DP07-703 Funding Opportunity Announcement accordingly.

Safe Exam Browser – SEB for Windows opens a web browser window without navigation elements and locks the computer into a kiosk mode, which prevents from switching to other applications or quitting SEB untimely. Currently SEB integrates with the wide spread learning management systems (LMS) Moodle, ILIAS and Open OLAT and several commercial and non-commercial exam systems, as for example Inspera Assessment.

Generally it can easily be used with most web-based online quiz and e-assessment systems.

Otherwise those vulnerable machines will eventually be compromised and potentially used in denial of service attacks and other nefarious schemes.

It disables the Start Menu (button in the lower left corner of the screen) with its submenus Shut down / Undock / Switch user / Log off / Lock / Restart / Sleep / Hibernate, the Task Switcher (invoked by Alt-Tab and Windows-Tab), printing.

The contractor should comply with the registry’s encryption standards before any sensitive data are stored on a contractor’s laptop computer or mobile device.

Example: The registry receives CDs or DVDs with sensitive information from other non-registry entities under the contract.

This is all courtesy of the mandatory "Windows Genuine Advantage Notification" service that is being delivered now through Windows Update.

This isn't just a service you can disable, or a process you can kill in task manager, either.

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To help protecting Windows and installed software against known and unknown attacks, Microsoft has released a really cool and fairly easy-to-use tool named EMET - Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.