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Who is nia long dating now

She hadn’t even been a top female in NXT for an entire year, but she had been in two big match situations for the NXT Women’s Championship against both Asuka and Bayley.

However, losing both those matches hurt her dominant aura in NXT, despite having strong performers in those matches.

I want the best for everybody, and I want peace in everybody's life, and that's the ultimate goal. And I'm glad to be a part of it." You can read the rest of the revealing interview HERE.

And I really just encourage the father-daughter relationship for both my children. I just think a lot of people think I'm just trying to take a child away from her father, that's never been the case. That's not the case and never will be the case, no matter what. Something tells us DRAGGING each other on Instagram isn't the best way to find peace, but we digress.

Apparently, things got so bad that producers were trying to figure out how to film the actresses' scenes together separately! Sources also say Nia and Taraji ultimately stopped speaking to each other.

Meanwhile, Nia's rep has issued a statement vehemently denying it all: "This story is complete nonsense.

Nia is the last OG member of the team and is confident as ever walking into this season now that she is newly signed with MSA Agency and eager to really jump into a career as a working singer and dancer.No matter what anyone thinks about her, Nia Jax is in control of her own destiny.WWE is giving her the chance to be a star, and she has proven during her time in NXT that she is capable of performing well in high-pressure matches.The claims come Thursday from TMZ as the site also alleges that Nia had also threatened the program Empire with a lawsuit over an improper goodbye.According to the website the feud with cast member Taraji was ignited when Nia arrived late to set and in a foul mood.

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